Scholarships available for International Students in Australia


International students have many options when it comes to supporting their studies. Aside from the support of their families or educational institutions and working part-time in Australia, they can apply for a scholarship. Scholarships in Australia that cover vocational education and training, student exchanges, undergraduate and postgraduate study and research are offered by the Government, education institutions and other organizations.

Scholarships can help provide additional funds for your study. While there are a range of scholarships available for overseas students, the competition is strong. To get a better chance of being accepted in one of these scholarships grants, you need to know what grants are available for you. Generally, Australia offers three types of scholarships – tuition, living and accommodation expenses and full scholarships.

Most scholarship grants in Australia are based on academic merit. If you would like to increase your chances of gaining one, you need to know all available scholarships offered which you are eligible for and apply not only to one, but also to as many scholarships as possible. Aside from that, you need to know the coverage of each scholarship, the requirements as well as the application process. Check your eligibility and make sure you have all the supporting documents. Before you pass your application, make sure it has been corrected for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Where to look for Scholarships

A. Education institution in Australia
Visit your institution’s website for institution-wide and faculty-specific international student scholarships or you can contact the international student administration team of your institution or university.

B. Education institution in your country
If your education institution or university has sent you as an exchange student or to study for a specific course, there is a big chance that it comes with a scholarship grant. In this case, contact your institution for scholarship grants.

C. The Australian Government
Australia offers a range of scholarships for overseas students like Endeavour Awards, Australian Leadership Awards and Australian Development Scholarships. Check Myfuture website for scholarships by field of study, level, region, type of support and target group or visit Australia Awards website for scholarship grants in areas like educational, research and professional development.

D. Government Departments in your home country
You can check relevant authorities in your country for scholarship grants offered to students who would like to study overseas. You may also check your home country’s consulate in Australia.

E. Other organizations
There are specific organizations, charities and industry bodies in Australia or even in your home country that offer scholarship grants. You may want to check them and see if there is one available for you.



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